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Saturday, August 17, 2002

Current WIPs:
Too many. I love to start things, and have a hard time finishing things.

I have some Cormo I'm spinning on my Reeves saxony wheel. I also want to start some flax on that wheel.

I have black alpaca on my Kromski Mazurka. Have some light gray roving from The Bellwether that I'd like to do as well.

Several smaller projects on spindles.

Things that need finishing:
Re-stitch the seams in the Hanne Falkenberg Pagoda jacket/cardigan. Turns out her yarn (which I think is *very* scratchy stuff, especially considering the price of her kits!!!) isn't strong enough to hold up to seaming. I bought some new stuff to re-stitch the seams that are coming apart.

DH's Lopi cardigan (he's 6'6" and wears a size 3XLT) finally got finished, but still needs the zipper sewn in. Last weekend I got the zipper pinned into place. Now to finish the sewing up.

Just finished a new sweater for 10-yo-DD, Ashleigh. It's in dark denim & white Sirdar Denim Chunky, fairly plain but cute. Really liked knitting with this yarn, and like the sweater - or will once I've sewn the pieces together.

Also have a sweater done top-down in gray-white marl Cascade 220. Decided I didn't like the neckline in front (it's mine). I plan to machine-stitch a
slightly lower neckline in front, then cut it and pick up new stitches for a doubled-over crew neck collar.

Last but by no means least, I have a Dale sweater that's done up to where I need to steek for the sleeves - sleeves are done and ready to sew in -
just haven't gotten up the nerve to stitch and cut.

Current knitting:
A lace scarf from a recent issue of Spin-Off, being knit in grayish-taupe handspun cashmere. I *love* the feel of this stuff!!

The Celtic Cardigan. While at the dog show today, I showed Clara the picture on the pattern, and she *loved* it! She's usually non-commital about my projects. I may end up making two of these. [Clara is the lady who bred three of my four Aussies. I was handling one of her dogs at the show today. I didn't enter any of mine this time; turns out that was a *good* thing, as my conformation bitch has NO coat right now!]

The sweater for Noah, 5-yo DS, in red & black Encore. This is moving along quickly, but he's only wearing size 6 at this point (I'm making the sweater size 8 anyway).

The shawl I just started. Only a few rows into this one. Would also like to start the Irish Diamond Shawl in Folk Shawls in purple Alpafina from Webs, but I can't find the book right now. In fact, my entire craft room (also known as the cellar) is a disaster at the moment.

On my wish list is the black-&-white sweater on the cover of the Mission Falls "Decade" pattern book, and the Dale "Kongle" sweater. Oh, and the Spin-Off anniversary sweater, too! I have so many ideas and things I'd like to do/make that I'm sure I've forgotten what half of them were. In this case, that's probably a good thing!


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