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Monday, August 19, 2002

Yesterday was very busy. Started out with going shopping for a friend's birthday party. I went shopping at 11 am for a 2 pm party. Got home, and ended up on the phone for over an hour with a lady wanting to discuss my Australian Shepherds, and the breeder I got them from. Both topics are guaranteed to end up in a long conversation! I love my dogs, and the breeder has become a wonderful mentor and dear friend!

Before the party, I got up to the cabling portion on Noah's sweater; put it aside after 4 rows. The design is written out, not charted, and for me that makes it more difficult to follow. I much prefer charted designs. I may try charting it out today, if I can find the right size graph paper. Took the Celtic Cardigan with me to the party.

My friend's mum had asked me to demo spinning at Pembroke's Old Home Day celebration; that's next Saturday, Aug 24. She (the mum) was telling everyone at the party that I was going to be doing a demo, and how interesting she thought it was. One lady started asking me questions about spinning; I ran out to the van for the spindle and fiber I keep there, and answered her questions with a hands-on display. Another lady (my friend's cousin) came up to me and told me that she had only recently learned how to knit, and was dying to learn how to spin! What a coincidence! Back to the van, for one of my beginner kits - a toy wheel spindle with about 4 oz. of wool. Spent about an hour getting her (Michelle) started, and she was doing quite well. I gave her my name, phone # and email, and the email address of the Spindlers group at yahoogroups. We only covered spinning; never touched on plying or any other topics, so I'm sure she'll eventually have questions.

Back to working on the Celtic Cardigan for now. I'm up to 11" on the back; need to get to 14" (I may go 15") before I start on the yoke patterning there. I might go back to Noah's sweater later... or the novelty yarn shawl... or do some spinning. Too many projects, too little time!


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