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Monday, August 19, 2002

Lost my last post; it just wouldn't take. Big news this time: I have actually completed *two* long-standing UFOs!!!

The first is DH's Lopi cardigan. He wanted one with a zipper. It took what seemed like forever just to get the zipper pinned in. I started out this morning working on my Celtic Cardigan, did a few rows on Noah's sweater, then decided to get some stuff *finished*! DH's sweater was the first; it was already pinned. I started out stitching it by hand, then decided to try it by machine. Dusted off the Elna and went at it. A couple of sections needed to be ripped out and re-stitched, but in the end, it's DONE!!!

Then I got brave. I stitched the steek lines for the arms on the Dale sweater. Haven't cut it yet, but I do have the sleeves done and ready to set in. I think the only thing left after that is the neckline.

I then got the two-tone Cascade 220 pullover; ripped the rolled collar; then stitched the neckline lower on the machine. Picked up and re-knit a K2P2 folded-over collar. Just finished it now! Tried it on, and it's perfect!!! I guess I just don't like things right up against my neck.

Now I'm thinking of cutting *my* Lopi - a pullover - and turning it into a cardigan. It's been done for something like two years, and I've worn it exactly twice, because it's just too flamin' HOT!! I think I'd get more use out of it as a heavy cardigan - it's so heavy I could probably wear it for a winter coat! Well, getting up the nerve to cut and sew again should only take me another year or so...

I think I'm in a finishing mood because it assuages the guilt from *starting* so many new projects (as I head to the cellar to work on another gauge swatch...)


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