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Monday, August 25, 2003

The wedding was wonderful, and lots of fun! My quads were actually sore yesterday... must have been the limbo pole (VBG)! The bride was thrilled with the bobbin lace hanky; haven't heard from her about the pens yet, but I imagine I will after the honeymoon.

Yesterday we went to my friend Renee's house, where my niece met me to return my children, and we oooh'd and aaah's over Renee's new blue topaz engagement ring. Her husband-to-be, Tony, is a very nice guy, and a mechanic to boot. I had asked him to look over some recent work done on the front end of my van - a couple of different places said a few different things needed to be done - some of which had already been done! He checked it out, and suggested a few things that should be taken care of before I go to Wisconsin next month. (None of it was the stuff the other place claimed needed to be done! How the hell do you find an honest mechanic these days, anyway?!?) We were supposed to return to Renee's next weekend to have those parts replaced. But on the way home (less than a mile from Renee's in fact) we heard a loud "bang", and the front end fell down! Turned out it was a torsion bar. So my van is now residing at Renee's until Tony can get her all fixed up (and do the oil change and other stuff we agreed upon), and I'm heading out to pick up a rental car, sigh. At least the torsion bar broke somewhere that I could do something about it, and not on some highway in the midwest with four dogs in the car.


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