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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

It's crunch time here. DH's niece is getting married on Saturday. I have to finish this bobbin lace today. Tomorrow I'll attach it to the handkerchief and wash/block. Friday I'll deliver it to DH's sister (mother of the bride). I'll also be doing two very special pens as a wedding gift (I'll post pictures of those and the handkerchief/lace when they're done). Oh, and I have a bunch of CD spindles I need to get made up (I turn the ends of the dowels, and make/insert sturdy hooks) to mail by Saturday. And that's besides the usual - DD's riding lesson today, grocery shopping, etc. I'm tired just thinking about it.

In the good news category, my niece is supposed to take DD & DS for the day on Saturday, while we're attending the wedding. She called this morning and said she's considering picking them up on Friday night and keeping them for the whole weekend! Wow! I think it's been about a year since we've had a weekend entirely to ourselves!


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