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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Very busy lately; between the stuff I need to get made for The Big E, and trying to get anything done with the kids home, I feel like I'm running at full speed and getting nowhere. DH has been wonderful, though, and takes a day off work here and there so I can get something done!

I did get some goodies in the mail over the last couple of days, though. The first (with DH's blessing - isn't he a wonderful guy?) is a new thimble cabinet:

Up until now, most of my thimbles were crowded into these two thimble houses, and I had several that were homeless.

I also got some new thimbles to celebrate the new thimble cabinet!

These came as a set of a dozen; 6 different ones, and each with a duplicate. I'll be offering the duplicates for trade on one of the thimble lists.

Besides that, I've been working a little on the Creatures of the Reef shawl, but not enough to warrant a new picture. My mindless knitting right now is truly mindless - garter stitch cotton dishcloths - just enough to keep my hands busy when I get a chance to do some reading.


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