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Sunday, July 13, 2003

The puppy went home with her new mom on Friday evening. Phew! I can knit again! This one was really attracted to my yarn and my shawl-in-progress!

Yesterday we went to Bonsai West in Littleton, MA to take advantage of a big sale. We came home with four new plants - two "starter" plants, and two that were ready to put in bonsai pots.

These three are a Fukien Tea, a cherry, and some kind of juniper.

This one is called a Kiki Ficus. Check out the awesome roots!

I also finished the fourth border on the Siberian Winter shawl, and started the edging.

Here's the whole center with borders, still on needles, with picked-up edging stitches.

A close-up of the edging.

If you recall, I also recently joined the Creatures of the Reef shawl knit-along. This morning I got a good start on that (even though I'm not done with Siberian Winter. Or the other shawls that are already started.) Oh, the excitement of casting on a new project!

I tried hard to get a picture of the yarn that shows the colors well. This one doesn't quite show off all the subtle variegations, but it's close in overall effect, anyway.

And here's the beginning. This shawl starts with a lot of stitches, on the outside edge, and decreases as you work toward the neck. I've done the cast-on and the knit-one-row setup row. It's amazing how small 437 stitches looks when they're all squished up on a circular needle!


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