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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Too tired to do anything after playing with the kiddos today, although I did make a couple of pens this afternoon. I was looking at the bus schedules earlier - 11 yo DD has to get up at 6 am and catch the bus at 6:40 am when school starts next week! Of course, that also means that I need to be up before 6!

In lieu of doing anything constructive (because I'm too tired to move) I've been catching up on my blog reading. Here are a couple more blogs I've been enjoying recently:

Supergirl's Blog - a knitter who does triathlons!

and Little Miss Crankypants - love the name!

Seeing as I don't keep a list of blogs that I read on my sidebar (believe me, it would take up a lot of room!), I'll try to share a few blogs here once in a while. Hope some of you find them interesting as well!


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