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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Today was the first day of school; DD had a full day (of 6th grade!), DS had a half day (all first graders did). As usual for the beginning of school, the bus schedules were way off. Everybody needs time to work the kinks out. I did, however, have three whole hours to work without interruption today!

It was a good mail day, too. I got my trade thimble!

The trade theme was "favorite animal." I think it's a platypus, but I haven't heard back from my trade partner to be sure.

I also got my long-awaited charkha video from Eileen Hallman at New World Textiles. I've had two classes with her, and she's a wonderful teacher. I jumped at the chance to order the video when she offered it a few months ago. I've watched about half of it so far, and it's just as great as her classes.

And a great find: I found this site through a link from Wendy E's blog, Fiberrant. I wanted to get some audiobooks for my long drive to Wisconsin, but they're so expensive, especially for the unabridged editions that I prefer. seems to have a great program at a reasonable price, and I now have 3 new audiobooks for the drive - at less than the cost of one! If you like it enough to join, please tell them you were referred by "cmorse3".


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