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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Another beautiful day! Yesterday the temp was in the mid-40's; today is supposed to get even higher. Ah, spring! I love it!

I really wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and get out of the house yesterday. After much discussion (during which DH and I realized that most of the walking trails we know of are probably still snow-covered) we decided to take the kids roller skating again. This time we went to Roller Kingdom in Tyngsboro, MA. We skated for about two hours - at least the kids and I did. Apparently DH doesn't skate; 13 yo DD is doing great on rollerblades, and 7 yo DS is just learning - reluctantly, and with many bribes, but he's making progress. What great exercise, though! I had an awesome two-hour workout and had a wonderful time doing it! I think we need to do this more often! Of course, we also had the nice sunny drive down and back - parts of it with the windows in the van open. Fresh air! What a concept!

Overall, I liked Roller Kingdom better than the place in Newington, with a couple of exceptions. There was no wall or ledge around the perimeter of the ring for the beginners to cling to, and I didn't know a single piece of music they played. I told DD that we'll try the only other skating place I know of that's still around next time, and see how they all compare. The third one is in Haverhill, MA.


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