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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

In answer to Deborah's comment, I can certainly understand being uncomfortable with change after all you've been through! I hope the changes to my blog are not too disturbing for you... ;D

Hey, I found my loom! I also found the long, skinny basket that sits on top of the loom castle and holds all my extra bobbins, shuttles, weaving needles, etc. It is now all set up and I even got started weaving the pattern on it again. These are the long-lost kitchen towels.

This loom is a Harrisville T-6 - 4 harnesses, 6 treadles, 36" weaving width.

DH and I are now contemplating a new loom. This one is nice, but it is only four harnesses (can we say "harness envy?"). This all started sometime late last week, when I was browsing the Spinner's and Weaver's Housecleaning Pages. I saw an ad for a 12-harness table loom, 21-3/4" weaving width, for $600. This was a great price, so I talked DH into letting me call (it was in Massachusetts, which is within driving distance - many people will not ship looms because of the weight). Unfortunately, the loom was already sold, so DH and I started talking about what else was available. I considered another loom that was advertised on the same site - an 8-harness counterbalance loom, 44" weaving width, for $500. The problem with that one, besides the fact that I know very little about operating a counterbalance loom, is that it is huge! It has a six-foot castle! If I brought it home, I would have to find a place to put it where it would be a more or less permanent fixture. The plus side of this one is that a) it has more than four harnesses, and b) it is definitely hefty enough to weave rugs. (Note here that, first of all, my Harrisville T-6 is almost certainly not hefty enough to weave rugs, at least not without some modifications; and second, I have no clue whether or not I actually want to weave rugs.)

Other looms up for consideration are a Dundas table loom, 25" weaving width, either 12 or 16 harnesses; and the new 16-harness Ashford, in a 24" weaving width. Ashford makes a table loom in a 32-inch weaving width, but the wider table loom only goes up to 8 harnesses.

I think I really want the Ashford. I think having the levers on the front would make it a LOT easier to use. DH may want me to go for the 12-harness Dundas, however, which ends up being $200 cheaper. Stay tuned!


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