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Friday, August 23, 2002

Yesterday I did manage to make it up to my LYS (The Elegant Ewe in Concord, NH - NAYY, but truly a wonderful shop run by wonderful people!). DD needed another knitting lesson. We found out there's a fiber arts category at the Deerfield Fair for items made by a child under 12, and she wants to enter; so Merilee at the Elegant Ewe gave her a refresher course. I don't teach my own kids if I can help it; I find it very frustrating, altho I have no problem teaching adults.

While she got a lesson, I browsed, looked through some books, and knit on my Celtic Cardigan. Picked up the new Sweaters from Camp book - absolutely gorgeous! Also did something supremely stupid - left my CC pattern there, out on the table where I was working! Now I need to decide if I'm going to squeeze in time today to retrieve it (40-45 min drive) or just work on something else for a while - it's not like I don't have other projects going!

I'm very close to continuing work on the Dale sweater. Need to cut the armhole steeks, stitch the shoulders closed, attach the sleeves (and sew down facings), then pick up and knit the collar. Found my pattern and yarn bag yesterday; that helps.

Done flipping thru the Spin-0ff back issues, and ready to settle down for some serious reading - only now I have Sweaters from Camp to read, too! Agonizing decisions!

Tomorrow is the Pembroke, NH Old Home Day celebration, and I'll be demonstrating with my Reeves Saxony wheel. Need to get my stuff together for that sometime today. I like to have samples of raw wool, washed wool, a prepared roving, and an already-spun skein besides what I'm working on. I think the wool-du-jour will be the brownish "peat moss" Falkland top, a gift from my friend Nancy. Colored fibers seem to work out better when demonstrating, so the audience doesn't think the drive band on the wheel is part of the wool you're spinning.

Well, I'm off for a walk around the block with DH. More later, I'm sure...


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