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Friday, September 06, 2002

OK, Claudia's right, I hate finishing! It's the knitting I like! And the starting! It's always very exciting to start a new project - the potential, looking forward to seeing how it will look with the colors I chose/modifications I make. Always way more interesting to start a new project than to finish an old one!

In my own defense, I have to say that some of these projects have been done (namely the Lopi sweater and the black and silver vest) and are back in the UFO category because I've decided to make changes that will make them more useful to me. Most of the other UFOs are because I like starting things so much!

To talk about my truly ancient UFOs, we'd have to start discussing quilting and cross-stitch, but let's not go there.

Didn't end up going to the Spinning Guild meeting mentioned below. I finally got to the bead shop and found some fish beads! These don't look exactly like Claudia's (clear colors, no embellishment), but I like them. I had the shop clerk pick them out for me so that they would be random. Mine are going to be a bracelet/earrings set (earrings already done)... haven't decided about the necklace yet, I'll have to see how the bracelet looks first.

Started another project last night, but this time I have a good excuse! I'm knitting along with Claudia of Countrywool's Online Gansey Project on the Aranknit list. I'm doing it for Noah (again), using the measurements of the red and black sweater just finished, and knitting it in brown handspun shetland. So far, I've gotten past the bottom (welt) and into the body by a couple of rows.

Today is Spin-Out Day. It's also Open House at Noah's kindergarten - he'll be starting school next Tuesday! Guess what I'll be taking to Open House?

Claudia asked for pictures, so here goes:

The earrings I made last night:

The beginnings of the Textures pullover:

The beginnings of the Online Gansey Project:

The Dale pullover that needs finishing:

And, just for fun, here's part of the Wall O' Ribbons that my dogs have won. These are some of the big ribbons (High In Trial, class firsts, etc); we have tons of the little ribbons, all over the house.


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