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Saturday, August 31, 2002

I've had quite a good day, despite the fact that my charkha hasn't arrived yet (boo-hoo! I hate waiting! With the long holiday weekend, that means I'm not going to get it until at least Tuesday!

Last night I was inspired to make some new jewelry, and made a necklace, bracelet and earrings. I'll try to get pictures posted sometime.

This morning, I took a gray cabled sweater I had started for Noah, and ripped it all out. The cabled panel was lovely, but was flanked on each side by ribbing, causing it to draw in a *lot*! I decided that I would replace the purls of the ribbing panels with seed stitch; looks just about the same, but eliminates the draw-in.

I also found the black-and-silver vest I want to put a zipper in, and the charcoal Lopi I need in order to turn my Lopi pullover into a cardigan! Come to think of it, I'm not sure if that's good or bad - now I have two more things I need to finish!

Claudia of Countrywool is supposed to be starting an online gansey project for a child-sized sweater, and I have the perfect brown handspun for that sweater. Can't wait! Another new project to start!

And, even tho my charkha hasn't arrived yet, my package from She Ewe Knits did come. Interesting that, of two orders placed about the same time, the one from Canada gets here first! This is two hat kits (check out Anne's free pattern!) and two early Alice Starmore publications - A Scottish Garland and American Portraits. I'll report on these two when I've had a chance to look at them.

Worked on my Eros shawl a little while we walked around the Hopkinton Fair today, but other than that, haven't done much. I did finally get up to my LYS yesterday to retrieve my Celtic Cardigan pattern, but I'm now working on the sleeves of Noah's red-and-black sweater, and want to get that finished. I also picked up Jamieson's Shetland Knitting 2 while I was there, and the Dale St. Moritz 2003 pattern, plus a terrific basket - a rice basket by Lantern Moon! My Donna Kay Moonlit Garden cardigan (up to row 12 on the body patterning) has taken up residence in that.


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