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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

OK, because Claudia challenged me, here are all the UFOs I can think of:

My Falkenberg cardigan, which needs re-sewing up *grrr*

The Celtic Cardigan which got tossed aside for the relatively instant gratification of Noah's new sweater

The socks in my purse

My Dale of Norway pullover - steeks sewn, need to *gasp* cut, then sew sleeves, shoulders, and pick up and knit neckband

The Lopi pullover that's technically finished, but I want it to be a cardigan

Black-and-silver vest that needs a zipper put in

Gray cabled pullover for Noah that I ripped out last week - going to re-start with seed-stitch and stockinette panels instead of ribbing panels

A Starmore sweater from Fisherman Sweaters for DH - did maybe 6". It's intimidating knitting for a guy who wears a 3XLT (T is for Tall! Like a size 3X, but more of it!)

The new hat kit from She Ewe Knits (the Nordic Sweetheart hat, a free pattern) - started it, decided I
needed to go down one needle size (who does a gauge swatch for a hat, right?), but I don't have that size in the length I need (I think - I may own them but they may be in with another project at the moment)

The Eros-and-kid-mohair shawl

Oh, and today I started the Susan Shabo "Textures" cardigan in a blue Briggs & Little yarn - a kit I bought at Grandview Country Store

We're not supposed to count something that hasn't passed the swatch stage, right? Or things that are kitted up but technically not started?

OK, I think that's it. I still have a nagging feeling I forgot something, tho.

Of course, that's just the knitting UFOs.


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