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Monday, September 02, 2002

OK, so it's Labor Day. All that means for me is that the kids are home for one more day (which gives me another day to get some laundry done before they need what's undoubtedly in the *dirty* laundry!) and that there's no mail *pout*.

I took pictures of the necklace/bracelet/earrings I made the other night, but the desktop computer is being cranky (I really need to get a disk drive for this laptop, I think!)

Did a lot of running around yesterday, most of it related to the animals - to the feed store to order hay/shavings, to the pet supply store for dog food; ended up doing quite a bit of cleaning up in the barn, and took down the shop light in the feed room so I can replace the bulbs; found out I had the wrong size bulbs, now need to run to WM for the right ones.

I did, however, finish the first sleeve of Noah's red-and-black sweater, and started swatching some brown Shetland handspun to be used in Claudia's online Gansey project (on the Aranknit list on yahoogroups, for anyone interested). Wanted to get my horse out for a ride yesterday, but it didn't happen; right now it's raining out (and I need to get six wet, muddy dogs in), so it may not happen today either.


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