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Tuesday, September 03, 2002

It came, it came, it came!!!! And yes, Kary, it was worth the wait! Arriving at the same time was the variegated purple cotton I ordered from EvaJoan Henderson on the Spindlers list - how fortuitous!

In my anxiety for the mail person's arrival (Mondays are always late; the day after a holiday is worse!) I finished Noah's sweater - well, almost finished. I finished the 2nd sleeve, and sewed everything up (I hate sewing up!). I have already picked up the stitches for the neckband - everything else is done, all ends run in, etc. Only a couple more inches to go, and on a much smaller # of stitches. I'm doing a doubled neckband because I like the stretchiness better than what I get with a standard cast-off edge (and Noah has a big head). Just ONE more end to weave in, when I sew down the doubled neckband, and it will be *done*! Should be able to finish this tonight, and may be able to get a picture up tomorrow.

In the meantime, now that dinner is over, I'm going to make some coffee and go play with purple cotton on my marvelous new charkha!


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