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Monday, December 09, 2002

Current projects (altho no pictures tonight):

Celtic Cardigan - when I restarted, I decided to do the fronts & back together, up to the armholes. That's done - now I need to split off the fronts and back and start the pattern work - all twisted stitches, and it's a lovely pattern.

Lorna's Laces Liberty socks - about 15 rows left on the foot of the second one, before I start toe decreases. The problem is, the first one is slightly too short, and I need to take out the decreases and add probably 3 to 5 rows. Need to make sure the second one ends up long enough, hopefully the first time around!

Downstairs in my craft room, I have several projects going - spinning up some Wensleydale fiber (in a gorgeous natural dark gray) on spindles; have finished the first 32-row repeat of the back of an Aran - this one is in the Harmony Aran and Fair Isle book. It's done in a Sirdar yarn, white with black flecks (future pills, I'm sure). I also have the Irish Diamond Shawl in progress down there, done in dark purple Alpafina (wool/alpaca) which was a Webs buy.

I've finally gotten started on the braided rug for my MIL's Christmas gift, and it's moving along nicely.

A friend of mine showed me how to do some rubber-stamping stuff, and I need to get my Christmas cards made and ready to mail by this weekend. I'm probably going to be working on those much of this week.

Another project, altho I'm still in the information and supply gathering stage, will be learning how to use DH's Shopsmith (in lathe and drill press modes) for the purpose of making my own drop spindles. I only need to gather a few more items, then DH has to show me how to configure the Shopsmith for the modes I'll need, and I'll be on my way! Hopefully I'll be ready (and can corner DH long enough to get the help I need) by this weekend. Looking forward to this very much, but a little scared of finding out that maybe there's a craft I'm not a natural at!


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