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Saturday, November 16, 2002

The two kids and I (less the teenager - who was working - and DH, who's having problems with dizziness again) left the house just after 12:30 to try to catch Harry Potter. There was a sign on the door at the theater listing shows with seats still available (and they're showing it in two theaters). We missed the 1:20 and the 3:15, but were able to get into the 4:00 show.

As it's about a 25-minute drive to the theater, I didn't want to go back home, so we ran some errands and got a bite at a pizza place while we waited. Got back to the theater at 3:20 so we could get good seats; I think they let us in around 3:30. We staked out our seats with our jackets, spent 20 minutes or so waiting in line for snacks, and finally got to see the movie. The five year old was very well behaved (especially compared to some of the brats I saw/heard in there!) and very impressed with the movie (we own the first on video).

By the way, this is basically a small-town theater (although they recently did a big-time expansion from 8 theaters - 4 of them with decent seating, the other 4 tiny - to 12 theaters, and 4 of them have enormous amounts of stadium seating. It's in Londonderry, NH. Admission is $4.75 for children or matinees, $7.00 evening/adult prices; but 2 small/1 med each of popcorn and soda came to almost $20! Probably seems like pocket change to some living in big cities! The movie theater in Manchester, NH is not nearly as nice, and charges around $9.00, I think, for regular admission.


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