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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Not having posted for a while, I'm sure this will be long-winded!

First of all, I finally got some image editing software, so I can resize the pictures I put up here. Here is a picture of 10 year old Ashleigh, modeling her finished dubbelmosa Sweetheart Hat. DH likes it so much he wants a dubbelmosa of his own! I'll probably be using the pattern from Meg Swansen Knitting (I think that's the name of it, the little blue book.)

And here's Ashleigh, still wearing the Sweetheart Hat, holding up the Textures pullover so I can photograph it:

Unfortunately, the texture patterns don't hardly show up at all! I'm certainly not as good a photographer as, say, Wendy.
Besides playing with new software, I've been doing some spinning. I finished one skein of lambswool/angora, fingering weight, approx. 450 yards. Now I'm spinning up some 100% angora from a Spindlers listmember. This stuff is SO gorgeous! (Thank you so much, Marlene!) It's so clean, and the staple length is unbelievable!

I went to training class with my dogs last night, for the first time in many months. I took Indy (working Open level competition obedience), Roxie (working Novice, training very slowly for Open) and Q (training Novice). Q is learning how to heel, and how to do fronts and finishes. We've now started adding in actual recalls and the dreaded stand-for-exam. Indy and Roxie did really well, amazingly so considering how little training we've been doing lately.

And that brings me to Christmas gifts: one of mine is that there's a carpenter coming on Monday, to build stairs up to the loft in the barn; that will be my training room! It will give me some additional storage space for the crates that only come out for shows (now being stored in the stall we keep hay in), and I'll be able to keep my dogs' jumps set up. I'll have a lot more floor space than trying to work in the kitchen (without the additional assistance of all the other dogs!)

Next up, I'll be working on the Celtic Cardigan done in Cascade 220 - I was almost finished the back when something else superceded this project. I'll also be continuing to spin the angora, and I really need to finish the quilt for DH's co-worker! Maybe today - altho that's really doubtful. It's snowing, and isn't expected to stop til sometime this afternoon, so I kept the kids home as the school didn't have enough sense to cancel.


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