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Thursday, December 05, 2002

It's snowing (again - sigh) and the kids had an early-release day from school today. Ashleigh's school has been asking for things for the Christmas shop they do for the kids, so I put together 8 pairs of Christmas bulb earrings today. (The bulbs are actually plastic charms.) All the dogs are in because of the snow, and the horse is running around kicking up his heels - I think he likes it!

Eldest child's holiday gift arrived via UPS this morning - the vest is actually called a hauberke - I hope I spelled that right! I knew there was another name for it.

I ordered myself a Midi spindle from The Bosworths, in Grenadilla wood. The spindles come in three sizes, and lots of woods. I also asked to be put on a waiting list if they ever do any more spindles in Black Palm - it's absolutely gorgeous!

Check this out! I've gone to all the sites so far that have written up their "voyage", and am looking forward to reading the others. I also emailed Kristi Porter (of the domestic sphere, who's conducting the voyage) to join in.


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