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Monday, December 02, 2002

Had a busy holiday weekend. As noted on Wednesday, my kids were home for one extra day. I was just as glad to keep them home. I don't like to send them on the bus if the weather is such that I would not want to drive in it.

DS Benjamin's Christmas gift (from The Ring Lord) is on its way. He's into some kind of play-fighting re-enactment kind of thing (not SCA) so I ordered him a bunch (like 10 lbs) of pre-made rings and a kit and pattern book to make a chain-mail vest. He should really like that. I really like being able to follow UPS packages online!

We had a good Thanksgiving; no turkey, as usual. We're vegetarians. A local paper did a story on a vegetarian group that had a potluck get-together for the holiday. Some of the reasons for doing so sounded like stuff I've had to deal with - people trying to "sneak" meat into your food, feeding my kids meat behind my back - why does my choice to NOT eat meat bring this out in some people??

Saturday, we went to Vermont to visit with Linda of Grafton Fibers and her husband and kids. We had a wonderful visit, and I picked up some Christmas gifts I had ordered. Long drive, but well worth it. Besides visiting with Linda for longer than a phone call, my kids had a wonderful time playing with her kids, and I had a long discussion with Linda's DH, Tom, on spindle making. I may eventually try my hand at this as well. DH said he'll show me how to turn his Shopsmith machine into a lathe and a drill press, if and when I get my downstairs craft rooms cleaned up. If I can do a half-decent job at making spindles, I'd like to try making some bobbin lace bobbins as well.

Finished DH's co-worker's baby quilt yesterday (in between power outages) and sent it in to work with him today. I called him at work; she was there (I thought she was leaving as of the end of November) and she loved it!! Yeay! Now to get to work on the braided rug for MIL's Christmas gift. Everyone else in both families is getting kitchen-sized fire extinguishers as gifts.

The carpenter is here, now, building my stairs in the barn! Yaaayyy!! Can't wait! Of course, now we have an arctic cold front coming through, complete with frostbite warnings. I get the room when I'm least likely to be out there using it! Oh, well... it won't stay this cold for long!


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