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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

I have begun the Fuzzy Feet Felt-Along. The first one (of four - I have decided that I am making two pairs) is done except for the toe grafting - one down, three to go! My pair is being made in a med-dark blue Bartlettyarns; Ashleigh's (10 yo DD) pair will be made in LP pink, with purple cuffs. Ashleigh's pair won't be any faster - she already wears a women's 6-1/2 shoe. Pictures to follow.

I finished the green row of cars on the beetlebug sweater last night, and stopped halfway thru the double-stripe set between cars. Will be getting back to that as soon as the Fuzzy Feet are done. Hope to have the slippers done by tomorrow, latest. I'll have lots of knitting time today and tonight - I already know I won't be going to obedience class tonight because of predictions of icy roads later on.


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