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Friday, January 31, 2003

This is Trinity, also known as Can. Ch. Maine-ly Tiberius Trinity, HIC. I'm supposed to be grooming her right now. Instead, I'm sitting here knitting and playing on the computer.

This weekend's plans include showing Trinity in an ASCA show in Seekonk, MA. I wasn't planning to attend this show, but my friend Clara (who also happens to be the breeder of three of my dogs) asked if I wanted to help show her dogs. I figured if I was going to go to the show, I might as well show mine, too.

Clara has been a wonderful friend, and instrumental in my learning how to show in the conformation ring. I've discovered, tho, that I really don't enjoy showing in conformation - actually, no, that's not right. What I don't like is all the nit-picky grooming necessary to show in the conformation ring. I don't mind dressing up (much) and I actually enjoy doing the showing. What I hate are the dog baths and doing all the trimming. I've suggested to Clara that we trade dogs - she can take Trinity and try to finish her in AKC (and maybe ASCA), and I'll take one of her dogs and train it for obedience. This may be something we discuss further this weekend - I think the idea has merit! (And Clara is one of the few people on earth that I would trust to take my dogs.)

In the meantime, I'm halfway done the first sleeve on the Celtic Cardigan. This will probably be the project I take with me this weekend, to knit between classes.


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