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Saturday, January 18, 2003

Still working on too many shawls, and loving all the lace knitting and the wonderful yarns I'm using. I've done a little more knitting on the Celtic Cardigan, but not enough to warrant a new picture.

Made a trade with Mary McCall, one of my spindles for some of her patterns (check out the link from her blog to Wool and Fiber Originals) and some handspun Wensleydale. Nice patterns, very pretty, and beautifully done! Haven't started any yet (they're all shawl patterns, and I certainly have enough of those in progress right now) but I think I'm going to do the Orchid Leaf Pi Shawl (on this page) with the Angel Hair yarn from Joslyn's Fiber Farm, in the Black Cherry colorway.

Went to Highland Hardwoods today with my friend Pam. We bought some walnut, a piece of teak, and a big piece of mahogany. Definitely couldn't get all I wanted this time - they had a lovely piece of lacewood and some gorgeous wenge in the exotics/short cuts bin. Pam helped me pick out and decide on the woods, and paid for half, on the condition that I make her some spindles from some of the wood. On our way out we grabbed a 1-1/4" cherry dowel, to be made into nostepinnes. I made one nostepinne from pine at Pam's request, and she liked it enough to want more. Can't wait to get back to the woodworking (made two whorls Thursday night, but haven't finished the spindles yet) but my hands and forearms are tired. That's what I get for doing - gasp! - housework all morning. (If anyone mentions that I did some, I'll deny it.)


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