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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

OK, first I upgrade the tagboard and then it goes away for several hours... if I hadn't seen the same messages on others' tagboards, I would have thought it was something I did! Now, I've done something that made my archives disappear, and I can't seem to fix it. The code for the archives is still there, they're just not showing up in the sidebar. I'm thinking of changing my blog template, and starting from scratch.

It's been one of those days all around, so I decided to do some spinning (all the housework I did this weekend should count for a while, dontcha think?). I plied up some gray wool that had been sitting on my Reeves bobbins for quite some time - got 2-1/2 skeins of some nice mid-weight yarn. After I was done, of course, I found another half-ball of the gray wool (I plied it because I thought that was all of it!)

Something's gotta go right today. I did find a Canadian production wheel for sale, at a reasonable price, in the same state. I've been looking for one for several months. Now I just need to convince DH to let me get it NOW instead of waiting for the tax returns!

Oh, and we did have some very nice run-thrus at dog class last night. And Q's heel work is coming along nicely. Now if this freezing weather would just go somewhere else, I might be able to get the training room in the barn finished and work the other dogs once in a while!


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