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Saturday, February 01, 2003

No dog show today after all; Noah came down sick yesterday. I'm sure he's got the same virus that's going around a lot of the schools. It has resulted in large percentages of students out sick; two schools that I've heard of have closed due to the number of students out sick, and to disinfect the schools. Noah's illness is not made any easier by the fact that it's almost impossible to convince this child to take medicine.

I didn't finish grooming anyway. I was too busy dealing with the sick child, and starting the beetlebug sweater. I'm using the suggested yarn (Dale Baby Ull) and I'll be borrowing Alison's idea of doing the sleeves in blue stripes rather than the cars' primary colors. So far I've got about an inch of ribbing done.

Don't know if I'll make it to the show at all. Just watching local weather, and we're supposed to be getting 4-8" of snow overnight tonight. DH will be happy to use the new snowblower. He was convinced that we wouldn't get any more snow this winter (I wish!) because we bought it.


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