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Sunday, February 09, 2003

Ta-da! Another FO! (I must have been inspired by the Fuzzy Feet.) These socks were my take-along project - for a very long time. I got the first one done, and 3/4 of the way thru the 2nd one, and then they stalled. I know why they stalled - I decided the first one needed to be longer in the foot by about 5 rows, and was putting off ripping out and re-knitting it. But I finally got it done.

As you can see, one skein had far less white in it than the other. They were the same dyelot, too! Chance you take with hand-dyed yarns, I guess. Good thing I like fraternal socks!

They are replaced in my "sock bag" by the new take-along socks, being done in Regia Clown.

Did a little woodworking yesterday. I'll probably work on a few spindle whorls today, and maybe some spinning on the "new" antique wheel. Also need to dismantle the bottom of the dishwasher and find out where it's leaking from :-(


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