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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I've been playing with a lot of wool lately. First of all, picking progresses on the gray Rambouillet-X fleece:

I like to use an apron when I pick; it captures all the noils I pick out, and bits of hay and straw; then I just fold it up and go shake it outside. My favorite apron is from a Maine Spinners' Registry meeting, and looks like this (the second one on the page). I want another one. Yesterday I found some purple denim (more like lavender, really) at a chain craft store, and I'm going to make myself another one with the same proportions! I'm pretty useless at sewing, but this looks easy even to me.

I've also been spinning another gray fleece (this one with multicolor slubs) on my Mazurka:

I've got about 12 ounces of this; I'm into the second of three 4-ounce bumps, and on my third bobbin.

Last night DD had a school function involving displays and lots of walking around. After a suitable amount of time admiring the research and handiwork of fifth-graders, DH, 5 yo DS and I proceeded out to the playground. DH and DS played with the equipment; I played with this:

Note the lovely and beautifully functional beaded wrist distaff, a gift from Kate! Because of this (the drop spindle, not the wrist distaff - I think) I ended up in a conversation with a grandmother from a neighboring state. She has several looms, and some she can no longer use because they're too wide and aggravate a health problem. She's interested in trading one of her bigger looms for my Harrisville T-6. Her husband was ready to go move one of the bigger looms now! I'm going to need to figure out where I'd put it...


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