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Friday, April 11, 2003

The kids are home from school today - teacher workshop day. I told DH these are probably teacher sanity days, no matter what they call them. This likely means no time downstairs in the workshop today, tho.

Yesterday I finished up a batch of 24 spindles. Today I need to take pictures, and update the web page. I'm also within 15 rows of finishing the 2nd sleeve on the Celtic Cardigan. This is what I picked up as soon as I finished the Beetlebug sweater. When I started Noah's sweater, I had just begun the 2nd sleeve.

I'm not sure this sweater will "work", but I have plans for fixing if it doesn't. I'm going to finish the sleeves and temporarily pin them in place on the body to test the fit. The armholes on this look huge! I may have to add a "patch" of sorts where you cast off X number of stitches for the armholes, to fill in some space. After that, it'll be my first venture into buttonbands!

For most of this week I've been trying to get a picture of the barnswallow that inhabits the barn every spring. She rebuilds her nest in the same place (over the front doors), and divebombs me every time I go in the barn. They can be pretty scary until you get used to their tactics. Well, the bird has been gone since it snowed last week. I'm sure she'll be back when the weather warms up again (supposedly this weekend).


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