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Monday, March 24, 2003

My friend Pam went to a flower show at the Expo Center in Boston last week, and brought this home for me:

I love bonsai! I've just always had a hard time keeping them alive (despite the fact that I have lots of houseplants). So next Saturday I'm taking a beginner bonsai class at
New England Bonsai Gardens. I wish I'd known about this years ago!

On Saturday I went up to the Grafton Fibers Spin-In in Saxtons River, VT. Long drive, but very worth it. I had a wonderful time! Participated in a group doing hand-painting, showed a few ladies how to wind a nostepinde, and did some spinning. On my way out I detoured to Tom Golding's studio. He is one of the nicest - and one of the most phenomenally talented - people I've ever met! While there, I picked up these:

and I also had the opportunity to test-drive two of his wheels! The pictures on his web page do not do these wheels justice - they are incredibly awesome!


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