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Friday, May 02, 2003

The kids have school vacation this week, so I've had no time at the lathe, and very little time for myself overall. I've been working on my carding project, and have three trash bags full of batts. They've made it thru carding/blending once, and I'm starting on round two. I'm also waiting for the garage to call and tell me my van is done. They finally found the source of a problem I've been complaining about for two years! Hey, it wasn't my imagination!

I did have a little time at the lathe this morning (finally!) because 20 yo DS was home for a change. I finished a walnut niddy-noddy for Kate:

I've had a few good mail days lately, too, and that's always exciting! I got a handpainted basket from Ilene Fabisch on the Spindlers list. It's just big enough for carrying around a spindle and some roving:

And I got a gorgeous polyclay spindle made by Mechelle of Fox Den FiberArts. If you see something you like on her site, grab it quick or it'll be gone!

And today, a long-awaited lucet and book from Margaret Ledrich ("The Lucet Lady") of The Rouge Lucet. Didn't take her long to ship it, just took me a while to decide to get it! This lucet is made of a beautiful piece of wood called Myrtle Burl, and the picture does not do it justice:

Now I'm off to learn how to make lucet cord!


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