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Thursday, April 24, 2003

Wow, nothing for a week, then two posts to the blog in one day!

I'm sitting here reading a Robert B. Parker novel (love Spenser!) and waiting until it's time to pick up DD at school, and the UPS man pulls up the driveway. Not expecting anything... maybe it's something for DH for work. Nope, it's my exchange spindle from the Spindlers exchange! From none other than Jennie Calta... and what a wonderful job she did!

She sent an excellent lavender painted toy-wheel spindle, with a great hook. Wonderful job, Jennie, and thank you so much!

Here's the spindle - is this a beautiful paint job or what?

Also included with the spindle was some wool; the first really big bunch (according to the note she sent on a very cute Border Collie card!) is some emskrit Shetland. I've never seen this color before, and the picture doesn't do it justice. It is white, with black fibers scattered throughout. Definitely not gray, and just one of the coolest wool colors I've ever seen! I really, really need more of this! Also, a small bump of some incredibly soft, lavender corriedale/silk (she says dyed with logwood. I didn't know you could get those kinds of colors!)

Here's a picture of the whole batch:

What a wonderful, perfectly thoughtful and generous exchangee! Thanks again, Jennie!


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