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Saturday, August 02, 2003

Over the last two days I cut, drilled, and prepped about 30 pen blanks made of Tulipwood, English Walnut, Black Walnut and Zebrawood. I also made one very special pen from a very fragile (and gorgeously figured) piece of Olive wood, and gave it to my friend Pam. Today I only turned three pens (one each of Tulipwood, English Walnut and Zebrawood), but I also began working on one from Spalted Maple (another of those really gorgeous, very fragile woods, and it requires extra time and attention to turn), and began drilling and prepping another 25 or so blanks of oak, cherry, Pau Ferro, and Kingwood. Oh, I made a couple of spindle whorls in there, too, but they don't have shafts yet.

I've had next to no time lately to knit or spin, and I'm starting to miss it. Haven't done anything on the Creatures of the Reef shawl lately, or on the edging of the Siberian Winter shawl. Got a few dishcloths knit, and that's about it. I think I'm ready to retire from the workshop for the day and do some spinning. I think the rambouillet/angora blend on the Mazurka is calling my name.


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