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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I've been feeling very depressed lately; probably too much work and not enough play (or too much stress and next-to-no knitting). Well, today (and yesterday) I'm playing hooky from the lathe. I got a few teeth done on the edging of the Siberian Winter shawl, and I tore apart the Celtic Cardigan. The yarn is now in the washer being recycled. I got the body of the CC done, and it would have been a good size for me, but the armholes were huge! I hated it at that point (it was on its third incarnation) and decided it needed to become something else. The parts sat ignored for months (and I hope that yarn learned its lesson!), and I'm now swatching to see if it will work for the Soft Shoulders pullover from the new issue of Knitter's.

I've also started an 18-month-size version of Noah's car sweater. I planned to do two of these initially. Noah's was finished at the end of March, and it's taken me this long to get around to starting the baby-sized version. The small sweater will be for one of DH's co-workers. Here's Noah modeling his:

Two new projects begun in two days! Well, I did need some travel knitting, y'know.

And now for some wonderful news! In the Welcome Back category, Elaine is blogging again!


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