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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Claudia, the thimble collection started as a souvenir collection based upon places I (or my friends) had visited. It has now taken on a life of its own, and the collection's purpose is now to live in the special thimble cabinet I bought. (VBG) Many, if not most, of them are not truly "useable" thimbles. And when I quilt, I don't use a "traditional" thimble, anyway!

This week's obsession has been quilts. I still have quilts in progress, even though I haven't touched any of them since probably last December (with the exception of the baby quilt I made for DH's co-worker). I've spent some time working on a Princess Feather applique quilt that had barely gotten off the ground (similar to this one), and trying to come up with a border design for a Storm at Sea quilt-in-progress.

Today I went to a local quilt shop and took a class! I've been making quilts for a long time, and never had a class. I learned a lot, and had a great time. We made this:

Click on picture for a close-up of one quarter of the block

I still need to correct a couple of seams (so the block lays flat), then add some borders. This is going to be a wallhanging. I learned a bunch about paper piecing, and about sewing curves. It was great! I'm taking another class at that shop at the end of November.

I have done a little knitting this week. Here's the progress on the first of the holiday stockings:

After sitting at my sewing machine all day, I'm sure I'll be picking up some knitting tonight, though!


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