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Friday, October 03, 2003

I've had a little trouble settling in since I got back. For one thing, I've been very tired. For another, everything I've knit has been ripped out.

I got up to 12" on the back of the Lo-Tech Sweat, and decided that I needed to make the next larger size... rrrriiippp. And I didn't like how the variegated yarn I was using looked as the Multi-Directional Scarf, so I ripped that, too. I tried the purple variegated in another pattern, a basketweave from Janet Szabo's latest Twists and Turns newsletter, but I didn't feel like doing all those twisted stitches. It's now being done as a mistake-rib scarf.

A couple of things have gone right, anyway. My friend Pam picked me up a couple of new thimbles on her recent travels. Aren't they pretty?

One is from the Henry Ford Museum, and the other is from the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia.

I also finally mailed out a storage/plying box for Kate.

This is a picture of the one I made for myself; hers looks very much like mine. It started life as a grooming box (brushes, hoofpick, etc) made by the husband of DD's riding instructor. I drilled some holes, and cut/bent the rods to hold bobbins, spindle cops, etc for plying. Here it is with a magazine in it, to show you how big this is:

Besides being big enough to hold a magazine, the bottom portion is 6" deep; overall height is just over 11" (to the top of the handle). And as you can see, it's about 9" wide, and well over a foot long. It's a pretty big box. I hope Kate likes it. I'm looking forward to using mine; it's a little on the heavy side, but will be nice for carrying extra wool, bobbins, etc to meetings and demos.

I also received two Christmas stocking kits today that I'll be knitting on commission, as a favor for a friend of a friend:

These are done with worsted-weight yarn on size 8 needles. They shouldn't take too long. I'm just not sure I should start them right now; nothing else I've knit recently has come out right! (And Deborah, that's as good a reason as any for not working on my lace shawls right now!)


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