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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

The great wheel is up and running, but I haven't had a chance to do more than test it. Everything appears to be working quite well, however. I still can't believe I paid so little for a working great wheel!

Today will be spent getting ready to leave tomorrow morning - bathing the dogs that are showing, doing laundry, packing, loading the van. I've been making lots of lists to make sure I don't forget anything. Besides all the grooming equipment, crates, dog food, leashes, etc, I need regular clothes and show clothes for myself. For a show this long (and so far from home) I also bring a cooler for some of my own food (bagels, boiled eggs) and my own coffeemaker - a small two-cup model. Many hotels/motels have a "complimentary breakfast", but that doesn't usually start til around 7 am. That does me no good if I need to be up at 5 or 6 to get ready for that day's show. And I need my coffee!

I also have to make an unscheduled trip to the vet - it looks like Q is coming down with an ear infection.


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