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Friday, October 08, 2004

My laptop is fairly well recovered, but I'm glad I still have the old hard drive. Sometimes you don't know what you need until you need it! I have plugged it in again several times to retrieve stuff.

I spent four days (September 30 to October 3) at the Deerfield Fair, spinning in the Farm Museum. I had my antique Canadian Production wheel with me, and it was a big hit. I always have lots of fun doing a big demo. I had labeled boxes out front for fondling, filled with various spinning fibers - raw wool, washed wool, alpaca (from one of my boys!), angora (from my friend Pam's bunny), cotton and flax, as well as a few handspun skeins. I was spinning the wool blend that I finally got back from Wooly Knob Fiber Mill - what a nice job they did! It's a heathery mauve/purplish color, a blend of all sorts of small bits of wools of different colors, class samples, etc. I like to use a colored wool for demos, so that people can tell the wool from the wheel's drive band.

Now DH and I are sitting here waiting to hear from the people who are supposed to transport our alpacas. They called on Tuesday, and estimated that the girls would be picked up on Thursday night, and delivered today, but we haven't heard anything since. They said they were running a little behind schedule; at this point, I'm thinking that they'll be picked up today. Hopefully they'll be delivered today as well, since it's only supposed to be a 4-1/2 hour drive.


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