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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

It's my favorite time of year - the kids are in school, and the weather is lovely! Days are cool and refreshing, nights can get downright chilly, although I'm not ready to say "cold" yet. The trees are showing the first signs of changing color. The only thing wrong is that winter is on its way (sigh). Spring and fall are my favorite seasons, and they always seem to be the shortest.

I have some wonderful news to report. My two female alpacas (with crias) are now paid for! They are currently still in New York state, and I have hired a transporter who will bring them to me on or about October 9, if all goes as planned. They can be seen at the following links:

Castanet's cria, Angel One
Got Milk
Got Milk's cria, Annika

Less than a month until they come live with us!

I've also posted pictures of my two most recent temari (temaris?) in my Webshots album. The pictures are in the folder labeled "Temari".


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