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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

No new pics right now, but I have been working on quite a few things recently.

I finished my July quilt blocks, and am about halfway through piecing my two August blocks. Technically, I'm caught up! Yeay! I'll take pictures of those blocks when I get the August ones done.

I also started picking through Hagrid's fleece, and spun up a small skein of his fiber. It's a lovely medium fawn, and very soft! The fleece is in terrible shape, though - the person who sheared this left lots of second cuts, and there are some burrs. I'm going to end up going through the whole fleece by hand to pick out the best parts for processing and spinning. And I still have a black huacaya fleece (Shadow's) and a white suri fleece to go through! I'm looking forward to seeing what we get off these animals next spring, with a professional shearer and sorting as they're sheared.

Right now I'm working on the Dale baby Cars sweater. I finally finished sleeve #1, and just started sleeve #2 this morning. I've been watching quite a bit of the Olympics coverage, and it's a little difficult to piece quilt blocks. I can knit without looking at my work for much of the time, which means I can see more of the events.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a four-day quilt show in Manchester, NH. My eldest child has already volunteered to come by and watch the younger two so that I can actually go somewhere by myself! Of course, the eldest is taking advantage of the visit to do laundry sans quarters, but hey - I'll take the alone time! Only a couple more weeks til the two youngest return to school... Oh, yeah, we still have to go shopping for that...


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