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Saturday, December 04, 2004

It has now been four days since I quit smoking - thank God for Wellbutrin and the patch! The first three days were very, very difficult; today was less so, and was the first day that I actually felt I might succeed at this without causing someone bodily harm or needing a padded room.

As encouragement and reward, DH took me to the not-so-local needlework shop, Yankee Cross Stitch. I picked up a new pair of embroidery scissors, a piece of 25-count black linen for this picture, and some floss bobbins. I also got one pattern - "The Ark" by Stoney Creek. I thought I had seen every Noah's Ark picture available (and own a few of them) but I didn't have this one, and had to get it!

I also got two kits. I have wanted both of these for a while, and have only been waiting for the right excuse. This was it! The first is a Sunset kit, called "The James-Younger Gang".

The second is a Dimensions kit called "Frederick the Literate." The designer, Charles Wysocki, has several cat-themed ones. I have one other, and am only mildly interested in the rest. I may change the fabric in this one; it is currently 14-count black Aida, and I really prefer 16-count or smaller fabrics.

On to day 5 without cigarettes, and hoping this gets easier as it goes along!


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