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Saturday, February 05, 2005

It was a beautiful day today, and we went out gallivanting to take advantage of the sunshine and warm air! (It actually hit at least 50 F today! It was wonderful!)

Our first stop was the NH Farm & Forest Expo at the Center of NH Expo Center in Manchester. We had a very good time - interesting exhibits, inexpensive admission, and 7 yo DS had a great time collecting pens, pencils, stickers, etc from the exhibitors. This was the place I first saw someone spinning on a spinning wheel, about eight years ago; it was also the place (that same day, in fact!) that I bought my first drop spindle, and the first time I saw a real, live alpaca. Some lovely memories!

Our next stop, after we managed to make it out of the (shudder) city in one piece (Oh my god, the traffic! No wonder we rarely go into a city!) was
Country Woods Unfinished Furniture in Raymond. We have been down to only two chairs for our dining table for some time now, and have been meaning to look for some new ones. We found them today! They are like the ones on this page, Item 14, third row down. They are unfinished, and we're going to stain and urethane them (hopefully some time this week!). We got two, and we're planning to go back and get another two in a month or so.


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