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Monday, April 11, 2005

I had a very busy weekend. Events included attending a quilt show and participating in a spin-in at the American Textile History Museum, as well as getting DS to a birthday party held at a gymnastics facility. Boy, did he have fun with that one! For once, I remembered to take lots of pictures! I'm going to split this into entries over at least a couple of days, because I plan to share a bunch of those pictures.

First, the quilt show. This show was sponsored by the Seabreeze Quilt Guild of Exeter, NH and was held in the gymnasium of a school in Stratham, NH. I'm sure this is a fairly small guild (unlike the Amoskeag Quilt Guild in Manchester, which is enormous), but it was a very nice little show! There is something to be said for a quilt show where you can be sure you saw all the entries! Here are a few in particular that I enjoyed:

This is a scrappy Blazing Stars made with lots of half-square triangles. It's amazing the range of colors that blend to make "red" or "light background".

I don't remember the name of the quilt (although I have it written down somewhere) or, for some reason, the name of the pattern, but again, another very nice scrappy quilt.

This is a favorite pattern, one I fully intend to make someday (y'know, that time when all those other things will get done, too!). It's called Cathedral Windows, and it's kind of a fold-and-sew pattern. It doesn't generally use batting like a traditional quilt, and is very modular - and therefore easy to carry along. Makes a great travel project. If you're interested, this link gives you some idea of how these are made. If you click on the picture, you'll get another picture that's a close-up of several cathedral window blocks.

This one is an "I Spy." This is great for themed fabrics, especially "kid prints", and every I Spy quilt I've ever seen looks like it would be great fun to make and to use! The variety of prints included in even a small version of an I Spy quilt is astonishing. The only thing that has stopped me from making one of these so far is the size of those itty-bitty joining triangles.

Tomorrow I'll show you a bunch of pictures from the Spin-In!


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