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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

So far this week the weather has really been lousy, especially compared to the wonderful sunshine and temps we had last week. It rained all weekend, but that really didn't matter, because my ankle has really been bothering me, and I couldn't have exercised anyway. Instead we decided to go out to a Home, Garden and Flower show on the UNH campus, where I hobbled around (because my ankle still hurt!) but otherwise had a good time.

This is the outside of the Whittemore Arena building, where the show was held (as evidenced by that large sign on the side of the building):

Here is the inside:

And here's a shot of my very good friend Nancy, who has recently lost a lot of weight and looks really fabulous! We used to spend a lot of time together - in fact, she's largely responsible for my interest in weaving - but then she moved far, far away. She'll be moving a little closer soon, and Pam and I are both looking forward to that immmensely! Maybe we'll be able to visit more often if Nancy lives closer than two hours away! Hi, Nancy!


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