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Friday, July 22, 2005

For today's excitement, we're sitting here melting. Well, honestly, it's not as bad as it has been this summer, but it's still very warm.

DD is off with the church youth group today on a canoeing trip. I'm sure she'll enjoy herself, I just hope she remembers to use enough sunscreen. Being of the very fair-skinned persuasion, she burns at the drop of a hat; does not tan, just develops a few more freckles and burns again the next time she's outside for any length of time. The last time she actually developed two small blisters on her face.

We're not driving on the new pavement yet. DD is going off to camp tomorrow, and it's supposed to be only 82 degrees (and not-humid!); we may park in the driveway after we return from dropping her off.

And Got Milk is refusing to deliver the next cria. I go out there and speak with her several times a day about this. At least Castanet, attitude and all, blessed us with a cria two days before her due date! I told DH that Milk is waiting until tomorrow, when we'll be gone most of the day.

This afternoon, to help mitigate some of this pulse-pounding excitement, I logged in and took a survey on weblogs at MIT. Click here for more info:

Take the MIT Weblog Survey


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