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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Yes, yesterday was our wedding anniversary! DH and I and 7 yo DS went out for a little gallivanting, visiting two bookstores, two electronics stores and one restaurant. Besides a couple of books and magazines, DH got me one of these!

I was trying to upload a picture of it, but Blogger is being quite unco-operative at the moment, so I'll have to settle for a link to the product's webpage.

Anyway, it's a Palm Zire 31. I looked at the higher-priced models, but didn't really need all those features. For quite some time (several years) I had a Handspring Visor, and really loved especially the Contacts and Calendar features. When I lost it last winter, I still had the Contacts and Calendar on my laptop, and hoped to replace the PDA. Then my laptop died, and along with it, all my contact and calendar info. At that point, I really needed to get another PDA! I've been playing with this one since we got home yesterday, trying to rebuild all my info and remember all the stuff I need to put in the Calendar. I have, of course, already replaced the Solitaire and Mah Jong games. The biggest differences between this one and my old Visor are the size (this one is smaller) and the fact that the Zire is color, whereas the Visor was black and white. The Visor also took two AA batteries; this one is rechargeable. In many ways, the rechargeable electronics are, to me, less desirable. It's far more difficult to remember to carry the darn cord around if the charge gets low than it was to throw a few batteries in my purse!


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