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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Today is a(nother) very gloomy and dreary day. I thought April showers were supposed to bring May flowers. Well, there aren't going to be very many flowers growing if the sun never comes back out... it's starting to feel like it's been raining forever! The bad side of that is that I can't wash any fleece. When I wash fleece, I dry it outside on a screen, and right now, there would be exactly no drying taking place outside. The good side of this is that a) it's the perfect excuse for me to have all six dogs in the house keeping me company, and b) it's wonderful weather for sitting here, watching Star Trek and knitting or spinning away.

I have gotten the Creatures of the Reef shawl back to the point where I had to rip out, and have even finished a few more rows. This is significant because, at this point, each row is almost 400 stitches long. I'll try to put up an updated picture in a day or two. I do, however, have some new pictures to share!

OK, check this out - I have actually finished something! I finally finished hemming the two dresses I've made for DD!

Last night I got brave and picked up a different skirt pattern for DD (Simplicity #4595, a tiered skirt pattern - there's a review of this pattern here) and this fabric for her skirt,

AND a pattern to try to make a couple of button-down shirts for DS (McCall's #4164), along with THESE two fabrics:

DS picked out the fabrics and also chose those fabulous buttons to go with them! We actually had a GOOD time at Wal-Mart, learning how to find the patterns in the book and then in the pattern drawers, reading the back of the pattern package to find out what notions we would need (like elastic and interfacing, and then finding those), and picking out the fabric and the extras (rick-rack for the skirt, buttons for the shirts). I told the kids I would try to get the fabric washed today, so I could start cutting out the patterns sometime this week. This is definitely the most complicated sewing that I've contemplated yet! Ultimately, I want to be able to sew so that I can weave and then sew my own clothes from handwoven fabric.


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