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Friday, August 12, 2005

Today is warm, but not as suffocatingly humid as it has been, so I ended up grooming all the dogs today. Ziggy got a haircut, although this time it was just his ears, face and neck, and not the all-over shearing he got last time. Indy and Roxie were shedding handfuls; Trinity and Q have had relatively recent appointments with the shedding rake, so they weren't quite as bad. Toby, the old Golden, doesn't have anything done unless it's vitally necessary; his arthritis is so bad that everything hurts him.

Here's Ziggy, sporting his shave. Although I tried, and even enlisted DD in the attempt, he would not put his ears up. He was just sulking; he hates being shaved.

And here's the Aussie posse - from left to right, Q, Trinity, Roxie and Indy. Aren't they just gorgeous?


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