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Friday, August 23, 2002

Well, doesn't look like I'm going to make it to the LYS to get my pattern today. I've worked a little on the Eros & mohair shawl, but not much. Good TV-watching knitting, but not much good for reading and knitting. I also have a lace scarf I need to work on, being made from handspun cashmere - the pattern is in a recent issue of Spin-Off.

I ended up working on DS Noah's red-and-black Encore sweater again. I have the front and back both done up to the armhole/yoke, where the cable-and-welt pattern starts. I was having a hard time getting into a rhythm with this one, which was when I went back to the Celtic Cardigan. (Really need to remember to make a copy of patterns before I go wandering off with them!) Well, it seems I've finally found the rhythm to this one. Did six rows without needing to look at the pattern. So I'll be working on this one this afternoon and this evening, in between getting stuff ready for my demo tomorrow. I'm very happy with the way this sweater is coming out.

I also have plans brewing to pick up an abandoned UFO. It's another sweater for Noah; I know the pattern is in the bag with the yarn and the part of the sweater I had done. It was a cabled sweater, but on either side of the cables was ribbing. I didn't like the way the ribbing was contracting the whole body of the sweater. In another pattern, this same issue was addressed by making the purl rows of the ribbing into a seed stitch variation - don't know the name of the stitch, but I'm sure there is one. On front rows, instead of purl you do k1,p1,k1, etc. On back rows, you just knit. Doesn't change the look much, but keeps the ribbing parts from pulling in.

DH is home sick, and has been for a few days (and may still be for a few more). He's been a little bored when he's not working from home on his computer, so he asked me for something to do. I put him to work and showed him how to wind the Cascade 220 skeins for the CC into balls using my ballwinder and swift. He finished that yesterday and asked me if I had any more. I brought up the Briggs & Little skeins for the Susan Shabo "Textures" cardigan, and he plans to do those this evening. Little does he know that I have at least 2, maybe 3 more sweaters kitted up that have skeins instead of balls. He's also asked me if *maybe* I could teach him to knit! He's merely investigating the idea at this point; has asked me if it's possible to make something *very* simple. I'm thinking a garter stitch scarf out of some multicolored handspun that has not yet found a home. Asked if he wants to learn how to spin, but he thinks knitting would be easier at this point. We had this conversation yesterday on our way to the movies. Saw "Blue Crush" - not much of a storyline, but the scenery was *spectacular*!


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